Communicating with Your Provider

Whether you are a new parent, or a parent with new concerns, Boulevard Pediatrics is available to answer your questions and provide guidance on a daily basis. Dr. Liddy is in Monday through Thursday. Dr. Shapiro is in daily and off on Wednesdays. Dr. Lalezarzadeh is in daily and off on Thursdays. Dr. Uhm is available Wednesday through Friday. Our pediatricians rotate Saturdays in the office.

Because we are committed to patient care during office hours, we will usually return your morning calls/e-mails during our lunchtime (from 12:00 noon – 1:30 p.m.), and your afternoon calls after the end of the office day. Please leave the best phone numbers and times available to reach you.  

We make e-mail accessible to you as well. This is a wonderful way to communicate concerns that can wait for an e-mail response. However, please anticipate we will respond to e-mails during regular office hours. Any e-mails left at night will be answered the next business day. If there is a matter of urgency that needs immediate attention, please call the office during the day, or the doctor on-call at night. Otherwise, expect that your e-mail will be answered within a 24-hour period (except on weekends, when your response will usually be on Monday). Our e-mail addresses are as follows:

E-mail Etiquette

Although we have developed a secure e-mail site, we ask the following: when you register at the office, please let us know to which specific e-mail address you desire communication about your child. Information about laboratory results and diagnoses of a sensitive nature should not be discussed via e-mail. If you have questions we feel may compromise your privacy, we will indicate this in a return message and either speak with you personally or arrange an appropriate consultation. We will make every effort to use the venue of e-mail as a tool to guide you with the care of your child.

Doctors do their best to respond within 24 hours. However, during weekends or holidays, a response will typically be the following business day.

Please note that e-mails are not intended for urgent concerns. If you need to schedule an appointment or discuss an urgent concern, please contact our office directly at 818-783-3110.

If you are requesting vaccine records and school or camp forms, please e-mail your request to [email protected].

We ask that you do not e-mail photos. Pictures can be deceiving and could result in a misdiagnosis.

Day-to-Day Advice

Our office staff is well-trained to steer you through most minor illnesses, answer simple questions and help determine if an appointment is needed. Please let them assist you when necessary. For questions that are beyond their specific training, our pediatricians are consulted for an answer. Please be assured that if you need to speak with your doctor personally, our staff will take a message and your concern will be addressed within the same office day.

Telemed (Telephone and Video) Evaluation, Management and/or Consultation

Boulevard Pediatrics will always be committed to providing our patients and families access to quality medical care every day. Telephone and video medical evaluation/consultation is one very important way we meet this commitment.

Telemed communication involves the physician's time, expertise and the documentation of the medical management provided. By utilizing this convenient option, this service may replace or prevent the need for an office visit. Therefore, telemed care is recognized as patient care by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and some insurance providers. Additionally, our medical malpractice insurance provider requires documentation to reflect this aspect of patient interaction in order to maintain compliance with current medical standards.

Boulevard Pediatrics will be adhering to this national trend of addressing alternative methods of providing care via telemed consultation and will charge for this type of care. Please be assured that routine calls to the office for brief guidance and support are welcome and will continue to be a courtesy service of our practice.

Circumstances for which a fee would be submitted to your insurer may include, but are not limited to: treating minor infections such as pink eye, head lice or rashes, ongoing case management of conditions like ADD, care of complex/ongoing feeding and developmental problems, troubleshooting emotional or psychological events, educational counseling and case management that requires the time and expertise of your primary care physician.

If you telephone us for issues or questions deemed more complex, you will be offered the option of a coming in for a regular office visit before evaluation or management is provided by phone or video consult. Charges will NOT apply or be billed if your communication is related to an office visit for the same complaint within the past 7 days (follow-up phone calls or e-mails related to that problem), or if your child needs to be seen within 24 hours after phone/electronic care was provided.

Depending on your specific health plan coverage, you will be financially responsible for all or part of this fee if it is not covered by your insurer. We encourage you to contact your health plan to determine your coverage for telemed services. 

  • Telemed Consultation Fees billed to insurers: Fees are based upon complexity and service provided by our MD.