We believe that by promoting healthy emotional and physical development, as well as emphasizing the value of good nutrition, education and exercise, we can enable your child to build a strong foundation for his or her future.

We believe in maintaining a caring, personalized environment for your child. As a result, the office has been designed with this goal in mind. In a setting that allows small ones to have creative, hands-on play while waiting, at the same time offering parents and teens a quieter place to relax, we strive to reduce the stresses an office visit might promote. Our four board-certified pediatricians, as well as our well-trained clinical and billing staff, all adhere to the goal of making your child’s visit a comfortable, caring experience.

We have seven examination rooms, one of which is set up for emergency care. We have a room equipped to accommodate those patients who may have special needs. We have a small laboratory within the office in order to help us with rapid assessment of your child.

As part of our preventive philosophy, we also advocate the use of childhood vaccines, and will spend whatever time necessary to help you reach comfort with your decision to proceed with this important intervention.