Office Urgent Hours

Boulevard Pediatrics Medical Group

For your convenience and for established patients in our practice, from 8–8:45 am Monday through Friday and from 4:30–5:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 4-5pm Friday, you may “drop in” for a quick visit if your child is acutely ill, injured, or in distress. We provide these blocks of  unscheduled time as a service to our families. We do request, however, that if your child has a chronic or lengthy complaint that requires more of our providers’ time, you arrange a scheduled appointment. Also, if your child is being seen in the office for the first time, we request that you make a scheduled appointment, rather than dropping in. We'd like a little more time to get to know you!

For acute illness, same day or next day appointments are always available for your child. Physical examinations, completion of forms and rechecks cannot be done during urgent hours. Urgent hours are not available on Saturdays, but ample appointments are available should your child be ill, injured, or require our attention.