Visits 2 ½ to 10

2 ½-year-old Visit

Although not all offices have a 2 ½ year old visit, we feel strongly about this visit because if any developmental concerns exist, it is better to determine and address them at 2 ½ rather than 3 years of age. Some of the typical developmental milestones to look for at this age include a few word phrases/sentences (get ready to be amazed), jumping (with feet off the floor), moving toward a mature pencil/crayon grasp and more social interactive play. Toilet training will be discussed at this visit, where some have completed the process and others are just getting started (which is just fine) and any disciplining concerns will be addressed. Also, the second immunization of Hepatitis A (if not already completed) will be done at this visit.

3-year-old Annual Well-Child Care Visit

Quite impressive communication should be occurring by 3 years of age. Mini-sentences and good articulation (around 75%) is typical. Other impressive milestones that begin to appear include pedaling a tricycle, drawing a circle, and even possibly putting on a shirt. This visit allows for follow-up on the toilet training process, discussion of the preschool (where many will now be enrolled at this age) experience, examination of the growth curves and an overall assessment of your child's dietary habits. And just like the 2-year-old visit, a VEP test will be performed to assess for potential visual concerns.

4-year-old Annual Well-Child Care Visit

Wow! Hard to believe, but kindergarten is just around the corner. Along with reaching some of the following milestones: knowing colors, hopping forward, copying a square, and maybe even catching a ball, we also look at your child's overall social development as well. A VEP test will be performed at the beginning of the visit, along with obtaining a urine sample and at the end of the visit, we will begin the KG vaccination process (typically two will be given). And expect to address any behavioral, dietary, and sleeping issues.

5-year-old Annual Well-Child Care Visit

The time has arrived. KG has either already started, is about to start or will be starting sometime during the upcoming year. Not only is this an exciting time but an anxious one as well. Academic, social and behavioral concerns often top the list. We will discuss all of this, cover your child's dietary intake, finish up the KG vaccinations, and perform a finger prick to determine your child's hemoglobin level, as well as a cholesterol panel. Please note, a hearing screen is routinely scheduled and done prior to the 5-year-old visit.

6-10-year-old Annual Well-Child Care Visits

Ah… the grade school well child care visits. At the end of this time frame, your child will be a tween and close to entering middle school. Reinforcing appropriate dietary habits and routine physical activity is very important at these visits, as we believe it helps promote a strong foundation for future years. In fact, a growth parameter we play close attention to during these visits is the Body Mass Index (BMI) — a more accurate assessment of your child's body proportions and fitness. Expect a vision screen to begin each visit and during the course of your child's complete physical exam, a discussion about your child's school performance will also occur. If there are academic or behavioral issues at school and/or at home, this is the time to discuss them, as we will help point the way to understanding any underlying issues affecting your child and determining appropriate treatment measures. As far as vaccines, other than the recommended seasonal flu vaccine, your child should already be up-to-date at these by the time these well child care visits come around. And for the 10-year-old visit, we will also perform a hemoglobin check and cholesterol panel and a hearing screen.