Office News

Office News

Dr. Nick's First Year

On March 1st (of 2023), Dr. Nick will be celebrating his first full year at Boulevard Pediatrics.  We are still very excited about his arrival as he has continued the high-level care you have come to expect from your Boulevard Pediatrics team.  So if you haven't met Dr. Nick yet, next time you are in the office, please make sure to say hello to Dr. Nick.

COVID-19 Update-2/15/23

To our Boulevard Pediatrics Patients and Families,

Approaching 3 years since the COVID-19 pandemic began and we continue to be here for you all.  We realize these last few years have produced great stress on you all, as it has pushed us to our limits but we continue to remain confident that by following appropriate guidelines and taking appropriate measures, we will continue to provide the care and expertise you all have expected from us during these past two decades.

So for us to do our part in best serving and caring for your children, the following measures will continue.

1. All patient visits are by appointment only.  

2. Phones will turn on at 8:30 AM.

3. We will thoroughly screen reasons for all ill visits and determine best times to be seen in our office.

4. Telemedicine visits will continue to be an option when appropriate.  If a telemedicine visit is made, please have your child's weight and temperature available at time of appointment.

5. WELL-CHILD CARE VISITS (AKA physicals) will be in the early-to-mid morning and early-to-mid afternoon hours.   We will do our best to not have well-child care visits overlap with ill visits.

6. ILL VISITS will typically be scheduled in the later morning and afternoon hours.

7. Current guidelines are for all who come to the office to please wear their own face mask.  Our staff will be wearing face masks for all visits.   

8. COVID-19 testing: We can arrange for RT-PCR Testing.  Please contact office for an appointment.

9. Your entire Boulevard Pediatrics Office Staff has been vaccinated.  And we support the current guidelines as laid out by the FDA, AAP, CDC and ACIP.   

Be well.  Be safe.   Your Boulevard Pediatrics Family.

Flu Clinics 2022-2023

Flu vaccines are still available and being given in the office by appointment.  Please call the office to arrange.